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      Contemporaries in the Holy Roman Empire      

Albert of Brandenburg,   Archbishop of Mayence etc., 1514-1545.
Albert, *1490, Margrave of Brandenburg, became Archbishop of Magdeburg in 1513 and of Mayence in 1514 without having studied theology. In order to gain the pope's agreement to holding more than one diocese, contrary to church law, Albert made a large contribution to the rebuilding of St. Peter's in Rome. These funds, borrowed from the banking house of Fugger, were to be repaid by selling indulgences. Luther condemned this practice in his famous Ninety-five Theses in 1517. In 1518 Albert became cardinal. His vote for Charles V as emperor was well paid in 1519. Albert was a religious liberal, but late in life he promoted the Counter-Reformation in Germany.

Thaler, 1525, Magdeburg.     Ø 41mm     v.Schr.63   Dav.9428/30
Obv.:   ALBERTus·CARDInalis·ARCHIEpiscopus·MAGDeburgensis·
"Albert, Cardinal Archbishop of Magdeburg"
cardinal's hat above arms in front of crossed sword and crosier.

"The Lord is my helper, whom shall I fear?"
The model for the portrait was an engraving [18x13 cm], made by Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528) during the diet at Nuremberg in 1523.

cast medal in silver 1526, Nürnberg.     Ø 43,5mm, 32,11g.   Habich I,2,923
"God is my advice. Whom shall I fear? At the age of 37"  -  Bust with beret to the right.
Note the high relief of the front side, the casting technique allows.

Rev.:   ·ALBERTus·CARDinalis·MOGuntinus·ARCHIEPiscopus·MAGDdegurgensis·HALBerstatt·ADM· MARCHio·BRANDenburgensis·ZC MDXXVI
Title of Albert [Moguntiacum = Mayence] and date
Cardinal's hat over coat of arms with central shield, crossed crook and sword behind.

Thaler, 1536, Magdeburg.     Ø 41mm     Schulten 1910   Dav.9432
Obv.:   ALBERTus·CARDInalis·ARCHIEpiscopus·MAGDeburgensis·

Thaler 1540, Magdeburg.     Ø 40 mm     v.Schr.93; Dav.9433.
The late Thalers 1537-42 present an effegy of the younger Albert.

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