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The Numismatic Chronicle (NC)
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since 1837
Jstor (1966 - 2012)

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NC 6/1 (1941)

Beazley, J.D.: Bakchos-Rings 兄 1-7

Milne, J.G.: The early coinages of Athens and Euboea 兄 8-16

Haines, G.C.: The decline and fall of the monetary system of Augustus 兄 17-47

Goodacre, Hugh: Justinian and Constantine 兄 48-53

Allen, Derek F.: Abraham Vanderdort and the coinage of Charles I 兄 54-75

Askew, Gilbert: The mint of Newcastle upon Tyne 兄 76-87

Miscellanea 兄 87-96

Sutherland, C.H.V.: Divus Augustus Pater. A study in the aes coinage of Tiberius 兄 97-116, pl.1-4

Sydenham, Eduard A.: Ornamental detail as a guide to the classification of Republican denarii 兄 117-127, pl.5

Carlyon-Britton, Raymond: On the proposed attribution of certain Irish coins to Edward V 兄 128-132, pl.6

Carlyon-Britton, Raymond: On the Irish coinage of Lambert Simnel as Edward VI 兄 133-135, pl.6

Carlyon-Britton, Raymond: On the use of the terms mint-mark, privy mark, and initial-mark in connexion with our hammered coinage 兄 136-138

Thompson, J.D.A.: Elizabethan ryals and their Dutch imitations, 1584-1592 兄 139-168, pl.7-8

Lederer, Philip: A coin of the Danteletai: a new Thracian mint 兄 169-174

NC 6/2 (1942)

Sutherland, C.H.V.: Overstrikes and hoards: The movement of Greek coinage down to 400 B.C. 兄 1-18

Evans, Arthur: Notes on early Anglo-Saxon gold coins 兄 19-41, pl.1

Sutherland, C.H.V.: Anglo-Saxon sceattas in England: their origin, chronology, and distribution 兄 42-705, pl.2

Allen, D.F.: The Irish bracteates. Two little-known hoards in the National Museum of Ireland 兄 71-85

Hemmy, A.S.: A summary of the application of statistical methods to the determination of the weight-standards of Roman coins 兄 86-91

Miscellanea 兄 92-110

NC 6/3 (1943)

Robinson, E.S.G.: The coinage of the Libyans and Kindred Sardinian issues 兄 1-13, pl.1-2

Mattingly, Harold: The "little" talents of Sicily and the West 兄 14-20

Mattingly, Harold: "Aes" and "Pecvnia": records of Roman currency down to 269 B.C. 兄 21-39

Sutherland, C.H.V.: The senatorial gold and silver coinage of 16 B.C.: innovation and inspiration 兄 40-49

Stride, H.G.: A silver standard of Edward I 兄 49

Haughton, H.L.: A note on the distribution of Indo-Greek coins 兄 50-59

Whitehead, R.B.: The eastern satrap Sophytes 兄 60-72, pl.3

Stebbing, W.P.D.: A barbarous radiate from Richborough 兄 72

Milne, J.G. / Sutherland, C.H.V.: The Evans Collection at Oxford: Sir Arthur Evans 兄 73-76

Milne, J.G.: The Evans Collection at Oxford: The Cretan coins 兄 77-91, pl.4-5

Miscellanea 兄 92-110

NC 6/4 (1944)

Sutherland, C.H.V.: The Evans Collection at Oxford: Roman coins of the early Empire 兄 1-26, pl.1-4

Toynbee, J.M.C.: Roman medallions: their scope and purpose 兄 27-44

Pearce, J.W.E.: Lugdunum: Siliqua coinage of Valentinian II and Eugenius 兄 45-57, pl.5-6

Bellinger, Alfred R.: A tetradrachm of Hyspaosines 兄 58-9, pl.7

Bellinger, Alfred R.: Crassus and Cassius at Antioch 兄 59-61, pl.7

Bellinger, Alfred R.: Parthian drachmae of Orodes II and Phraates IV 兄 62-4, pl.7

Sydenham, Eduard A.: The White Horse and ancient British coin-types 兄 65-76, pl.8

Seltman, Charles: Argentum Oseense and Bigati 兄 77-82

Thomas, F.W.: Sino-Kharosthi coins 兄 83-98

Whitehead, R.B.: The dynasty of the general Aspavarma 兄 99-104

Robinson, E. Stanley G.: Greek coins found in the Cyrenaica 兄 105-113

Miscellanea 兄 113-122

NC 6/5 (1945)

Wthrich, G.: Celtic numismatics in Switzerland 兄 1-33, pl.1-7

Goodacre, Hugh: Notes on some Byzantine coins 兄 34-40, pl.8

Chittenden, Jacqueline: Hermes-Mercury, dynasts, and emperors 兄 41-57, pl.9

Sutherland, C.H.V.: The gold and silver coinage of Spain under Augustus 兄 58-78

Miscellanea 兄 78-79

Review 兄 79-80

Walker, John: A hoard of Anglo-Saxon coins from Tetney, Lincolnshire 兄 81-95, pl.10

Robinson, E.S.G.: A south Italian hoard 兄 96-107, pl.11

Tod, Marcus N.: Epigraphical notes on Greek coinage 兄 108-116

Ravel, O.E.: The classification of Greek coins by style 兄 117-124, pl.12-13

Sutherland, C.H.V.: "Carausius II", "Censeris", and the barbarous Fel. Temp. Reparatio overstrikes 兄 125-133

Miscellanea 兄 134-166

NC 6/6 (1946)

Milne, J.G.: The early bold coins of Asia Minor 兄 1-6

Cahn, Herbert A.: Flaviana inedita 兄 7-27, pl.1-2

Haines, Geoffrey C.: Some rare Roman and Byzantine coins 兄 28-35, pl.3-4

Mattingly, Harold: The reigns of Trebonianus Gallus and Volusian and of Aemilian 兄 36-46

Tod, Marcus N.: Epigraphical notes on Greek coinage, II. XAΛKOYΣ 兄 47-62

Miscellanea 兄 63-73

Reviews 兄 74-80

Seltman, Charles: The ancient coinage of Malta 兄 81-90, pl.5-6

Mattingly, Harold: Dives Anagnia 兄 91-96, pl.7

Seltman, Charles: On the "style" of early Athenian coins 兄 97-110, pl.8-10

Mattingly, Harold: The monetary systems of the Roman Empire from Diocletian to Theodosius I 兄 111-120

Walker, John: Islamic coins with Hindu types 兄 121-128

Reviews 兄 129-140

Miscellanea 兄 141-173

NC 6/7 (1947)

Tod, Marcus N.: Epigraphical notes on Greek coinage, III. OBOΛOΣ 兄 1-27

Whitehead, R.B.: Notes on the Indo-Greeks, Part II 兄 28-51, pl.1-2

Milne, J.G.: Some Greek coins in Oxford 兄 52-61

Miscellanea 兄 62-91

Reviews 兄 92-96

Milne, J.G.: The coinage of Antioch in Pisidia after A.D. 250 兄 97-107, pl.3-4

Milne, J.G.: Report on the coins found at Antinoe in 1914 兄 108-114

Robinson, E.S.G.: The Tell el-Mashkuta hoard of Athenian tetradrachms 兄 115-121, pl.5

Mayreder, Friedrich: Londinium or Augustodunum? 兄 122-125

Toynbee, Jocelyn M.C.: Ruler-apotheosis in ancient Rome 兄 126-149, pl.6

Parke, H.W.: Roman coins unpublished or of special interest in the Collection of Trinity College, Dublin 兄 150-159, pl.7-8

Allen, D.F. / Whitton, C. A.: The Bredgar find with notes on the gold of Richard II 兄 160-170, pl.9

Miscellanea 兄 171-189

Fawcett, Charles: Seventeenth-century Dollar Symbols in the Levant 兄 186-9

NC 6/8 (1948)

Seltman, Charles: The engravers of the Akragantine decadrachms 兄 1-10, pl.1-4

Delbrueck, Richard: Uranius of Emesa 兄 11-29

Levi, Annalina C.: Hadrian as king of Egypt 兄 30-38

Walker, John: A mysterious south Arabian coin legend 兄 39-42

Robinson, E. Stanley G.: Greek coins acquired by the British Museum, 1938-1948, I 兄 43-59, pl.5

Robinson, E. Stanley G.: Appendix: kings of Lapethos 兄 60-65

Pearce, J.W.E.: Aes coinage of Valentinian I: the evidence from hoards 兄 66-77

Miscellanea 兄 78-105

Reviews 兄 106-112

Grant, Michael: The colonial mints of Gaius 兄 113-130, pl.6-7

Robinson, E. Stanley G.: Petra or Eryx? 兄 131-133

Haughton, Henry L.: The silver coinage of Strato and of Strato and Agathocleia 兄 134-141, pl.8-9

Hill, Philip Victor: "Sceatta-like" barbarous imitations 兄 142-157, pl.10-11

Scullard, H.H.: Hannibal's elephants 兄 158-168

Shortt, Hugh de S.: The mints of Wiltshire 兄 169-187, pl.12-14

Thordeman, Bengt: The Lohe hoard: a contribution to the methodology of numismatics 兄 188-204, diagrams

Robertson, Anne: Three hoards of Roman coins in the Harris Museum, Preston, Lancashire 兄 205-218

Miscellanea 兄 219-237

NC 6/9 (1949)

Seltman, Charles: The problem of the first Italiote coins 兄 1-21, pl.1-3

Grant, Michael: Complex symbolism and new mints, c. 14 B.C. 兄 22-35, pl.4

Jenkins, G.K.: The Cameron Collection of Cretan coins 兄 36-56, pl.5-7

Mattingly, Harold: The various styles of the Roman Republican coinage 兄 57-74

Mattingly, Harold: The coins of the "Divi", issued by Trajan Decius 兄 75-82

Milne, J.G.: The currency of Arcadia 兄 83-92

Grant, Michael: The decline and fall of city-coinage in Spain 兄 93-106

Miscellanea 兄 107-116

Reviews 兄 117-128

Kraay, Colin M.: The coinage of Vindex and Galba, A.D. 68, and the continuity of the Augustan Principate 兄 129-149, pl.8-9

Grant, Michael: Apollonia-Mordiaeum under Tiberius 兄 150-156, pl.10

Grant, Michael: Phrygian metropolis in the early Principate 兄 157-165, pl.10

Seaby, Winfred A.: Coinage from Ham Hill in the Taunton Museum 兄 166-179, pl.11

Stern, S.M.: Some unrecognized dirhems of the Zaidīs of the Yemen 兄 180-188

Carson, Robert A.G.: The mint of Thetford 兄 189-236, pl.12-15

Miscellanea 兄 237-262

Reviews 兄 263-268

NC 6/10 (1950)

Raven, E.J.P.: The Amphictionic coinage of Delphi, 336-334 B.C. 兄 1-22

Grant, Michael: Constantiae Avgvsti 兄 23-42, pl.1

Grant, Michael: The official coinage of Tiberius in Galatia 兄 43-48, pl.2

Grierson, Philip: Dated solidi of Maurice, Phocas, and Heraclius 兄 49-70, pl.3-4

Grierson, Philip: The Consular coinage of "Heraclius" and the revolt against Phocas of 608-610 兄 71-93, pl.5-6

Rabino, H.L.: Coins of the Jalāir, Kara Koyūnlū, Musha'sha', and Āk Koyūnlū dynasties 兄 94-139, pl.7-10

Miscellanea 兄 140-152

Reviews 兄 153-176

Brown, W.L.: Pheidon's alleged Aeginetan coinage 兄 177-204, pl.11

Whitehead, R.B.: Notes on the Indo-Greeks, Part III 兄 205-232, pl.12

Hill, Philip V.: Barbarous imitations of fourth-century Roman coins 兄 233-270, pl.13-15

Gowers, William / Scullard, H.H.: Hannibal's elephants again 兄 271-283, pl.16-17

Seyrig, Henri: Irenopolis Neronias Sepphoris 兄 284-289

Sutherland, C.H.V.: The symbolism of a unique AES coin of Tiberius 兄 290-297, pl.18

Miscellanea 兄 298-320

Reviews 兄 321-328

Indexes to 6th Series, Vols. 1-10, 1941-1950 兄 329-350

NC 6/11 (1951)

Jenkins, Gilbert K.: Notes on Seleucid coins 兄 1-21, pl.1-2

Bivar, A.D.H.: The Bactra coinage of Euthydemus and Demetrius 兄 22-39, pl.3-4

Seltman, Charles: The Katoch hoard of Elean coins 兄 40-55, pl.5-8

Grierson, Philip: The Isaurian coins of Heraclius 兄 56-67, pl.9-10

Stevenson, Robert B.K.: The Iona hoard of Anglo-Saxon coins 兄 68-90, pl.11-12

Hill, Philip V.: A hoard of barbarous radiates 兄 91-108, pl.13-14

Woodward, A.M.: AΠOYΣIA 兄 109-111

Milne, Joseph Grafton (1867-1951) - Obituary and bibliography, by Sutherland, C.H.V. 兄 112-125

Miscellanea 兄 126-135

Reviews 兄 136-151

NC 6/12 (1952)

May, J.M.F.: The Alexander coinage of Nikokles of Paphos 兄 1-18, pl.1

Woodward, A.M.: Notes on the Augustan cistophori 兄 19-32, pl.2-4

Seltman, Charles Theodore: The wardrobe of Artemis 兄 33-51, pl.5-6

Hersh, C.A.: Sequence marks on the denarii of Publius Crepusius 兄 52-66

Mattingly, Harold: The different styles of the Roman Republican coinage 兄 67-71

Mattingly, Harold: The "military" class in the coinage of the civil wars of A.D. 68-69 兄 72-77

Kraay, Colin M.: Revolt and subversion: the so-called "military" coinage of A.D. 69 re-examined 兄 78-86

Robertson, Anne S.: The Poundbury hoard of Roman fourth-century copies and their prototypes 兄 87-95, pl.7

Hill, Philip V.: A hoard of barbarous radiates from east Cornwall 兄 96-98, pl.8

Grierson, Philip: Pegged Venetian coin dies: their place in the history of die adjustment 兄 99-105

Walker, John: Some new Arab-Sassanian coins 兄 106-110, pl.9

Miscellanea 兄 111-135

Reviews 兄 136-171

NC 6/13 (1953)

Sutherland, C.H.V.: The President's address 兄 1-20

Milne, J.G. (): Unpublished Greek coins in the Oxford Collection 兄 21-26, pl.1

Robinson, E.S.G.: A hoard of coins of the Libyans 兄 27-32, pl.2-3

Hersh, Charles A.: Overstrikes as evidence for the history of Roman Republican coinage 兄 33-68, pl.4-5

Mattingly, Harold: The Freckenham hoard of Roman coins 兄 69-73

Grierson, Philip: Visigothic metrology 兄 74-87

Grierson, Philip: A new Anglo-Saxon solidus 兄 88-91

Hill, Philip V.: Uncatalogued sceattas in the National and other Collections 兄 92-114, pl.6-7

Dolley, R.H.M.: Beulah Hill treasure trove 1953 兄 115-122

Ghirshman, R.: Une intaille hephtalite de la collection de Mrs. Newell 兄 123-124

Walker, John: The coins of the Amīrs of Crete 兄 125-130

Miscellanea 兄 131-161

Reviews 兄 162-189

NC 6/14 (1954)

Robinson, E. Stanley G.: Cistophori in the name of king Eumenes 兄 1-8, pl.1

Kraay, Colin M.: Greek coins recently acquired by the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford 兄 9-17, pl.2

Kraay, Colin M.: Caesar's Quattuorviri of 44 B.C.: the arrangement of their issues 兄 18-31, folder, pl.3-4

Mattingly, Harold: Verginius at Lugdunum? 兄 32-39

Robertson, Anne: A Roman coin hoard from Mildenhall, Suffolk 兄 40-52, pl.5

Mattingly, Harold: The coinage of Macrianus II and Quietus 兄 53-61

Sutherland, C.H.V.: A hoard of Roman folles from Wroxton Heath near Banbury, Oxon 兄 62-67

Sutherland, C.H.V.: The folles of Ticinum, A.D. 305-7 兄 68-75

Dolley, R.H.M.: The so-called piedforts of Alfred the Great 兄 76-92, pl.6

Rigold, S.E.: An imperial coinage in southern Gaul in the sixth and seventh centuries? 兄 93-133, pl.7-8

Carlyon-Britton, Raymond: Henry VIII harp groats and harp half-groats and Edward VI harp groats 兄 134-140, folder, pl.9-10

Lang, D.M.: A hoard of sixteenth and seventeenth century Russian silver coins 兄 141-162, pl.11-12

Bivar, A.D.H.: The Chaman Huzuri hoard: countermarked Greek flans as the prototypes of the Indian punch-marked coinage 兄 163-172, pl.13

Figulla, H.H.: A "coin" of Cyrus 兄 173

Hulin, P.: The signs on the Kabul silver piece 兄 174-176

Leeds, E.T.: Zinc coins in medieval China 兄 177-185

Vermeule, Cornelius C.: Japanese coins in the British Museum (Part 1) 兄 186-196, pl.14

Miscellanea 兄 197-224

Reviews 兄 225-233

NC 6/15 (1955)

Hill, Philip V.: Barbarous Roman coins 兄 1-3, pl.1

Dolley, R.H.M.: The Tywardreath (Fowey) treasure trove 兄 5-9, pl.2

Stewart, Ian Halley: Some unpublished Scottish coins 兄 11-20, pl.3-4

Grant, Michael: The distribution of Nero's copper asses 兄 21-37, pl.5

Grant, Michael: The mints of Roman gold and silver in the early Principate 兄 39-54

Grierson, Philip: The Kyrenia girdle of Byzantine medallions and solidi 兄 55-70, pl.6-8

Sutherland, C.H.V.: The folles of Cyzicus down to A.D. 306 兄 71-74

Kraay, Colin: The chronology of the coinage of Colonia Nemausus 兄 75-87

Whitting, P.D.: The anonymous Byzantine bronze 兄 89-99, pl.9-10

Scheu, Frederick: The earliest coins of the Bruttians 兄 101-112

Merrifield, Ralph: The Lime Street (1952) hoard of barbarous radiates 兄 113-124, pl.11

Tod, Marcus N.: Epigraphical notes on Greek coinage: addenda 兄 125-130

Jenkins, G.K.: Greek coins recently acquired by the British Museum 兄 131-156, pl.12-13

Seyrig, Henri: Irenopolis - Neronias - Sepphoris. An additional note 兄 157-159

Seaby, W.A.: Medieval coin hoards in north-east Ireland 兄 161-171

Denaro, Victor F.: The mint of Malta 兄 173-187

Dolley, R.H.M.: A further note on the Harkirke find 兄 189-193

Balog, Paul: Notes on ancient and medieval minting technique 兄 195-202, pl.14

Bivar, A.D.H.: Notes on Kushan cursive seal inscriptons 兄 203-210, pl.15

Welin, Ulla S. Linder: The first known dirham of the Amīrs of Crete 兄 211-214

Vermeule, C.C.: Modern Japanese and Chinese patterns in the British Museum (Part II) 兄 215-221, pl.16-17

Miscellanea 兄 222-257

Reviews 兄 258-275

Grant, Michael, The President's address: Very common coins 兄 iii-xii

NC 6/16 (1956)

Robinson, E.S.G.: The date of the earliest coins 兄 1-8

Robinson, E.S.G.: The Libyan hoard (1952). Addenda, and the Libyan coinage in general 兄 9-14, pl.1

Robinson, E.S.G.: Some early nineteenth-century forgeries of Greek coins 兄 15-18, pl.2

Vermeule, C.C.: Greek coins in the Elisabeth Washburn King Collection at Bryn Mawr College 兄 19-41, pl.3-12

Kraay, Colin M.: The archaic owls of Athens: classification and chronology 兄 43-68, pl.13

Cawkwell, G.L.: A note on the Heracles coinage alliance of 394 B.C. 兄 69-75

Simonetta, B.: A note on Vologeses V, Artabanus V and Artavasdes 兄 77-82

Carson, R.A.G. / Kent, J.P.C.: Constantinian hoards and other studies in the later Roman bronze coinage 兄 83-161, pl.14-16

Mattingly, Harold: Rare and unpublished Roman coins in the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge 兄 163-177, pl.17

Mattingly, Harold: A fourth-century Roman hoard from Egypt 兄 179-188

Mattingly, Harold: The denarius of Sufenas and the Ludi Victoriae 兄 189-203

Seaby, H.A.: A find of coins of Carausius from the little Orme's Head 兄 205-246

Merrifield, Ralph: An unpublished portion of the Lime Street Hoard found in 1882, reconstructed from the collection and records of the Guildhall Museum 兄 247-254

Dikigoropoulos, A.J.: A Byzantine hoard from Kharcha, Cyprus 兄 255-265, pl.18

Dolley, R.H.M.: The Shaftesbury hoard of pence of thelrd II 兄 267-280, pl.19-20

Dolley, R.H.M.: A small find of fourteenth-century groats from Flanders 兄 281-283, pl.21

Dolley, R.H.M.: A provisional note on the origins of the Leicester mint 兄 285-291

Dolley, R.H.M. / Strudwick, Mrs. J.S.: A note on the mint of Torksey and on some early finds of English coins from Nottinghamshire 兄 293-302

Stewart, Ian Halley: Unpublished Scottish coins: II 兄 303-312, pl.22

Shortt, H. de S.: A bull-and-horseman hoard from India 兄 313-325, pl.23

Henning, W.B.: The 'coin' with cuneiform inscription 兄 327-8

Thompson, F.C.: The use of the microscope in numismatic studies 兄 329-338, pl.24-28

Stride, H.G.: The Maria Theresa thaler 兄 339-343

Stevens, C.E.: Some thoughts on 'second Carausius' 兄 345-349

Allan, John (1884-1955) - Obituary and bibliography, by Walker, John 兄 351-360

Reviews 兄 361-368

NC 6/17 (1957)

Gerassimov, Th.: Rare coins of Thrace 兄 1-5, pl.1

Mrkholm, Otto: Two Seleucid coin notes 兄 6-10, pl.2

Cahn, Herbert A.: Poseidion on Karpathos? 兄 11-12, pl.2

Jenkins, G.K.: A Carthaginian copper hoard from the south of France 兄 13-14

Lewis, R.B.: Analysis of a Carthaginian stater 兄 15

Kent, J.P.C.: The pattern of bronze coinage under Constantine I 兄 16-77, pl.3-8

Kent, J.P.C.: Carausius II - fact or fiction? 兄 78-83, pl.8

Woodward, A.M.: The coinage of Pertinax 兄 84-96, pl.9-14

Mattingly, Harold: The Victoriate 兄 97-119, pl.15

Kraay, C.M.: Two false Roman sestertii 兄 121-2, pl.16

Dolley, R.H.M.: An unpublished Irish hoard of 'St. Peter' pence 兄 123-132, pl.16

Dolley, R.H.M.: A small find of medieval Swiss coins 兄 133-135, pl.16

Lang, D.M.: Notes on Caucasian numismatics (Part I) 兄 137-146, pl.17

Unvala, J.M.: Some rare Sassanian and Arab-Sassanian coins 兄 147-150, pl.18-19

Freeman-Grenville, G.S.P.: Coinage in east Africa before Portuguese times 兄 151-179, pl.19

Metcalf, D.M.: Find-records of medieval coins from Gough's Camden's Britannia 兄 181-207

Berghaus, Peter / Dolley, R.H.M.: An eleventh-century hoard from the Danzig area 兄 209-217, pl.20-21

Macdowall, David W.: The coinage of Jaya-Prakāsa Malla of Kāthmāndū 兄 219-227, pl.22

Grant, Michael: Nero's copper asses in Spain 兄 229-230

Boon, George C.: Roman coins from Gough's old cave and the slitter, Cheddar 兄 231-237

Carson, R.A.G.: The Chadwell St. Mary find of Roman denarii 兄 238

Carson, R.A.G.: The Braughing treasure trove of Roman denarii 兄 239

Hill, Philip V.: A probable fourth-century hoard from the East 兄 240-1

Dolley, R.H.M.: A Spanish dirham found in England 兄 242-3

Dolley, R.H.M.: An unpublished minor variety of a penny of Edward I 兄 244-5

Kent, J.P.C.: Mr. Bruce Binney's civil war hoard 兄 245-6

Martin, Mrs. J.S.: The Anfield (Liverpool) (1955) treasure trove and Brownhills (Staffs.) (1955) treasure trove 兄 247

Kent, J.P.C.: A supposed coin of Procopius 兄 248

Carson, R.A.G.: The Canterbury hoard 兄 249-257

Reviews 兄 258-295

NC 6/18 (1958)

Stewart, Ian Halley: Unpublished Scottish coins: III 兄 1-7, pl.1

Kent, J.P.C.: Gold bars and ingots from the Bermuda treasure 兄 9-12, pl.2

Kraay, Colin M.: The coinage of Sybaris after 510 B.C. 兄 13-37, pl.3-4

Kraay, Colin M.: The Victoriate: a note on abbreviations 兄 39-41

Schachter, Albert: Horse coins from Tanagra 兄 43-46

Carson, R.A.G.: The Geneva forgeries 兄 47-58, pl.5-6

Mossop, J.C.: A hoard of folles from market Stainton 兄 59-71, pl.7

Metcalf, D.M.: Eighteenth-century finds of medieval coins from the records of the Society of Antiquaries 兄 73-96

Dolley, R.H.M.: Three forgotten English finds of pence of thelrd II 兄 97-107, pl.8

Dolley, R.H.M.: The 1958 Coventry treasure trove of Long Cross pence of Henry III 兄 109-122, pl.8

Dolley, R.H.M. / Van der Meer, Gay: A group of Anglo-Saxon pence at Sudeley castle 兄 123-129, pl.9

Dolley, R.H.M.: Modern forgeries of the post-Brunanburh Viking coins of York and Derby 兄 131-134, pl.9

Thompson, F.C. / McQuilkin, P. / Shelton, R.A.J.: Some notes on the metallurgy of the medieval copper coins of Ceylon 兄 135-146, pl.10-11

Bivar, A.D.H. / Stern, S.M.: The coinage of Oman under Abū Kālījār the Buwayhid 兄 147-156, pl.12

Macdowall, David W.: The coinage of Gāngeya-Deva of Dāhāla 兄 157-165, pl.13

Walker, John: The coins of Hatra 兄 167-172, pl.14

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Reviews 兄 194-202

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Reviews 兄 231-240

Blunt, Christopher, The President's address: Review of Anglo-Saxon studies (Part II) 兄 i-xv

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Reviews 兄 289-300

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NC 7/2 (1962)

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NC 7/3 (1963)

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NC 7/4 (1964)

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NC 7/5 (1965)

May, J.M.F.: The coinage of Dikaia-by-Abdera c. 540/35 - 476/5 B.C.兄 1-25, pl.1-2

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NC 7/6 (1966)

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Reviews 兄 337-372

INDEX 兄 373-385

NC 7/7 (1967)

Robinson, E.S.G. / Price, M. Jessop: An emergency coinage of Timotheos 兄 1-6

Simonetta, B.: Some additional remarks on the royal Cappadocian coins 兄 7-12

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Whitehead, Richard Bertram (1879-1967) - Obituary and bibliography by Bivar, A.D.H. 兄 279-286

Reviews 兄 287-311

INDEX 兄 312-319

NC 7/8 (1968)

Price, M. Jessop: Mithradates VI Eupator, Dionysus, and the coinages of the Black Sea 兄 1-12, pl.1-4

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Pollard, J.G.: Matthew Boulton and J.-P. Droz 兄 241-265


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Medieval and modern hoards 兄 264-285

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Ancient hoards

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Medieval and Modern Hoards

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Medieval and modern hoards

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Plates 1-77: 兄 405 ff

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Ancient Hoards

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Carolingian Hoards

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A Hoard of Charles the Bald (840-77) and Pipin II (845-8)

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15th Century

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17th Century

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Excavation Coins and Stray Finds, Ancient

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Reviews 兄 365-396

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