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      Contemporaries in the Holy Roman Empire      

Albert Alcibiades ,  Markgrave of Brandenburg-Bayreuth 1527/41-1554
Albert, a member of the Franconian Hohenzollern family, was educated as protestant. He was an unscrupulous soldier of fortune. He served the Emperor against France and the protestant Schmalkaldic League until 1551. He then joined Maurice, elector of Saxony, in a league with Charles's enemy, Henry II of France. Charles had to flee to Innsbruck. When Maurice made truce with the Emperor's brother King Ferdinand in 1552, Albert continued the war and enlarged his country at the expense of Nuremberg, Würzburg and Bamberg. Charles ratified Albert's seizures because he needed his help in the siege of Metz. However, as Albert continued looting, an alliance was formed against him and in 1553 he was defeated in the battle at Sievershausen. Albert was outlawed and had to flee to France in 1554.

Thaler 1549, Erlangen.     Ø 41 mm     v.Schrötter 751 ; Schulten 222 ; Dav.8969
Obv.:   ALBERT9us·Dei·Gratia·MARCHIO·BRANDENBVrgensis
Armoured half-length figure with a mace in the right hand and a hilt in the left hand.
Rev.:   SI·DE9us·PRO NOBIS·QVIS·CONTRA·NOS   "If God is for us, who could be against us?"
Arms of Brandenburg on the flowered cross of the Teutonic Order, in between the arms of Prussia (eagle), Pomerania (grip), Hohenzollern (quartered) & Franconia (lion with bordure).
This flowered cross and these five arms were already used by his uncle Albert, the last Grand Master of the Teutonic Order in Prussia.
9 at the end of a word means us or ost :   DE9 = Deus ,   P9 = Pius or Post

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